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Left Wing = Hate

What the Left is all about.

The War on Guns

Excellent resistance blog from David Codrea, the co-founder of GunTruths and Citizens of America.

And I Ask, Whose Paranoid Are You?

Nearly every facet of our lives is documented, collated, marked, read and filed by so damnable many organizations, institutions, companies, and governments! Laws are so prolifigate, intrusive and overboard that when someone speaks of paranoia, it is not simply a lark, fantasy, or a psychosis, but a serious question that one must ask one's self.

IRAQ NOW ...... Media Analysis With A Sense of Insurgency

News and commentary from Jason Van Steenwyk, the Nattering Nabob of Nebuchadnezzar

Eject! Eject! Eject!

Out of Airspeed, Out of Altitude, and Out of Ideas

You're a former liberal. Your worldview has been hit by heat-seeking reality and you're on fire and out of control. You have only a few decades in which to react! Think fast!

Cool, soothing logic tells you it's time to get out

This site is here to convince you that all the good things you believe about America are true.

Factually, provably true. Don't believe it? Hang on! We're reading for The Loud Handle.

Around in the Clouds

Around in the Clouds

pragmatic libertarian

Libertarianism from a Practical Consequentalist Perspective


Another vote the Democrats can't count on

Soviet Invasion Plan

Real girls build iMacs

Marginal Revolution

Free Republic

Daniel Drezner

Politics, economics, globalization, academia, pop culture... all from an untenured perspective.

Traction Control

The only Spin here is provided by the rifling of the barrel.

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