North Korea

North Korea

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Showing the reality of North Korea

The Chosun Journal

Informing, provoking, mobilizing consciences for the sake of human rights in North Korea

The U.S. Committee for Human Rights in North Korea

Amnesty International Reports on North Korea

Free North Korea

Promoting nonviolent action for human rights in North Kora and a safe haven for north korean refugees.

If Anne Frank Only Knew ...

If you want to hear "hate" coming out of the mouths of school kids, go to the schools of North Korea, as a Dutch television crew did, and you'll hear hate from that country's teenagers directed at the United States.

North Korea's Nuclear Weapons Program

North Korea's decisions to restart nuclear installations at Yongbyon that were shut down under the U.S.-North Korean Agreed Framework of 1994 and withdraw from the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty create an acute foreign policy problem for the United States.

North Korea's Nuclear Weapons: How Soon an Arsenal?

In December 2002, North Korea ended the 8-year-old freeze on its nuclear program by expelling inspectors and reopening its plutonium production facilities. The CIA assessed that North Korea could produce 5-6 weapons by mid-2003, to add to the 1 or possibly 2 weapons it might already have. In April 2003, North Korean officials claimed they had completed reprocessing all 8000 spent fuel rods (containing enough plutonium for 5-6 weapons), a claim which few believed. On January 8, 2004, North Korean officials showed an unofficial U.S. delegation an empty spent fuel pond, and some plutonium they claimed that had been reprocessed. However, the delegation could not verify the North Korean claims.

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